The Health & Healing Coach

Transforming your health and your life!

The Health & Healing Coach

Transforming your health & your life!

How might it feel to you to experience:

 Less stress? Improved physical, mental, and metabolic health? More presence and connection in your relationships? More awareness of the colour, richness, and brightness of the natural world around you? Greater peace of mind? Improvement in your ability to be creative, productive, and less ‘rushed’?

It is the focus of all the work that I do. Read more.

“Working with Tracey is the secret I have been looking for. When someone recommended me to Tracey, I never expected to achieve the many things I have.  Tracey’s Coaching has truly exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Tracey has and continues to provide me with a comfortable safe place to share my thoughts, hopes and dreams, and challenges me to exceed them.” Maggie.



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“I was thinking of your approach to teaching and the statement ‘not your fault, but your responsibility’ really comes to mind. You are so caring and compassionate but try to instill in people that it is now time to take charge of your life now. Such an amazing way to teach.” Milly.

“If you’re thinking about using Tracey, I totally recommended her. What Tracey has done for me in a few short months is incredibly life changing. She’s been a able to support and guide me through major obstacles that I was never strong enough to really focus on. For me she was amazingly open and supportive allowing me to dig deeper and become more vulnerable than I have with any other coach. With this level of true honesty with myself I’ve changed life long unhealthy behaviours, I’ve got fitter, stronger & healthier than ever. In a nutshell she is a professional that truly shows her passion for for health and humanity with her work.” Jason, 52.

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