Uncovering YOU.

Have you ever felt a split between who you know you are on the inside, and how you behave on the outside?

It can seem like there are many barriers to expressing your true authentic self. Perhaps you’re afraid you will be disliked, criticized, ridiculed, abandoned, envied. 

The pressure to hide our true selves can be immense.

At some point on our healing journey, we get bored with that old safe way, and we want to leave the mask behind. 

We become ready to be ourself.

But who even is that? How do we know what that even is when we’ve been so used to hiding behind the mask?

Stepping out on this journey can seem scary, and we do take a risk to do this. Plus all the behaviours that accompany the mask are familiar. We like the pay offs of being liked, easy going, pleasing others, staying safe, avoiding conflict.

Until, that is, we feel resentment, regret, or anger towards others because we haven’t had the courage to fully express ourselves. We blame others for these feelings, but they are ours fully to own.

When you ‘risk’ yourself in vulnerable situations you will feel different. Initially, possibly awkward and exposed. Perhaps some of the feared pay offs will happen. You may be less liked by some, but perhaps you will be more liked by others. 

However others may feel about the process of you expressing your true self, this is in no way a measure of who you are.

What is so important for you to realise, is that it takes a great deal of energy NOT to express who you really are. To deny your inner authority and to draw your sense of who you are from the outside of you is exhausting. To top it all off, not living a life true to yourself is the number one regret of the dying. 

Why do we wait to step in to our authentic self? It can totally change the way you show up to live when you rid yourself of the fear of what others think about you. 

But to rid yourself of the fear, you need to know who you are. Are you ready to go through this journey of self discovery with me?

How will this work?

This program will run over 12 weeks, beginning Tuesday 10th October, 7pm AEDST

Every SECOND week, there will be a Zoom session. Every other week, you will be given a pre recorded video to watch and reflect on.

A part of this program is a WhatsApp group, plus an HOUR LONG one on one session with me you can use at any time you need. This alone is valued at $250AUD.

You don’t need to attend live, although it would be fantastic if you did. All Zoom sessions will be recorded and posted on the platform to watch afterwards.

What will you learn?

Topics covered include:

  • Meeting yourself
  • Your inner reality
  • Gently peering in
  • Inner and outer conflict
  • An inner sense of safety and trust
  • The beginnings of you
  • Reclaim your power
  • Expressing your gender
  • Knowing yourself in solitude
  • Solitude and intimacy
  • Knowing what you actually need.

Who is it for?


If you have any further questions, please email me at tracey@traceymcbeath.com.au 

I look forward to going on this quest with you.

Love Tracey xx