Tracey can create a powerful workshop for you!

If you are looking for an engaging, authentic and warm human being to present at your next corporate function, motivational workshop, or wellness retreat, look no further than Tracey. Tracey is an accomplished presenter with a wealth of lived experience behind her. She can talk to any aspect of health, wellbeing, relationships, self love, parenting, overcoming addiction, thriving, nutrition and healing. You can read more about Tracey here, and contact her directly at this email address.

Tracey created and ran a sold out workshop in Melbourne recently. A powerful workshop addressing the root cause of suffering, understanding why we make the choices we make, and how to step into our innate capacity to live the life we want.

“I loved the positivity and your beautiful essence. I gained a lot of insight and ways to bring me out of the weeds and live a joyful, happy life.” Workshop attendee.

“I enjoyed everything about the day, connections with other like-minded ladies, the presentations were set out great, easy to understand, and not too long between breaks. The addition of the play dough activity broke it up so it wasn’t just all talking and a bit of fun.” Workshop attendee

“I loved the information that you provided.  Some I had heard before but it always helps to be reminded.  You make it sound so simple – and yes it is – we just have to NOT always believe what our emotional self tells us.  I ended the day believing that I could do it – and not worried that it may take me a while to achieve some of my goals.  After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day – was it? Today I woke up feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders – I did my breathing, got the app and so today I started breathing – WOW!! I also love the passion you bring to your presentations.  What I get out of it, eventually, is a more confident Pascale who is not afraid of being herself.  I may just need to remind myself of this periodically!!” Workshop attendee

“Tracey McBeath, you gave a wonderful, accessible, insightful performance full of self-awareness and courage. When official TEDx talks are released I have little doubt that a global audience will embrace this talk like we all did on the day. Thank you.” Niall Clerkin, Tedx Katoomba Curator.

“Such an affirming, and REAL contribution to our collective understanding of how choices impact our wellbeing.”

“Your story is my story, and the collective story of so many in the room. Thank you for your openness, and sharing hope and excitement. Loved listening to your message.”

“Tracey gave an amazing workshop to our students offering practical steps they can take to tackle their challenges and shift their mindset. This talk incorporated many aspects of well-being, including accessing our inner GPS, seeing beyond our habitual thoughts, nutrition, and sleep. All practical information to help them shift their focus and start the journey of change and recalibrate. Thank you so much Tracey! You are awesome.” Hayley, Head of House, Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong.

She has been a regular podcaster for over 5 years (The Health Evolution Collective and The Nourished Mumlife – no longer available, The Low Carb Lifestyle Podcast, and her current one Health Heal Thrive). She has also engaged in a number of public speaking events. Tracey brings a very natural, warm, engaging, and relaxed style, and can talk on any topic related to any aspect of health and wellbeing.

Tracey is a regular lecturer and coach mentor within the Nutrition Network, including:

National Paradigms for Treating Chronic Disease

Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction for Athletic Performance

She also co-created, mentors, and lectures within the Certified Coaching Practitioner Training.

Tracey is also a part of Bitten Jonnson’s professional training program, Holistic Medicine for Addiction.

Book in a call with Tracey here to discuss your needs, or email her here.

Tracey’s presentations include:

  • Lived Experiences in Health & Healing Melbourne: Closing the Knowing/Doing Gap and Living a Values-Aligned Life
  • TEDx Katoomba: Becoming the Navigator of Your Own Life
  • Become the Navigator of Your Own Life – Melbourne 1 day workshop
  • The Keto Retreat Brisbane: Habits, Setbacks and Your Inner Journey
  • The Low Carb Roadshow: Why Lifestyle Change is Not Just About What You Eat
  • Melbourne Low Carb Clinic Information evening: Mindset & Change
  • Melbourne Low Carb Information Afternoon – The Confidence to Nail Your Low Carb Lifestyle
  • The Keto Place: The Motivation Myth
  • The Keto Place: Tracey ran two workshops on overcoming the barriers to lifestyle change.
  • Nutrition Network Member Group: Overcoming the Barriers to Lifestyle Change
  • Low Carb Down Under Melbourne conference: Health Coaches – The Missing Link to Lifestyle Change
  • Emmanuel College: Thriving Through VCE, and Beyond, 2022 and 2023
  • Li Po Chun United World College, Hong Kong: Wellbeing Essentials and Positive Mindset
  • Holistic Addiction Medicine Program lecturer, Bittens Addiction
  • Nutrition Network Lecturer and Coach Mentor

and many others.