Can we talk?

I would like to discuss my concern with this body positivity movement for a minute. I’m not going to tell you what to think or anything like that. I simply want to share what concerns me about where we’re heading.

And I get why we’re heading in this direction.

After decades of trying to conform to some unrealistic collective ideal about beauty, while at the same time being told to eat in a way that will never get us there (high carb, low fat, lean or no meat, and infinite access to highly addictive, processed health damaging foods), it’s no surprise our collective trauma is being played out in the way it is.

I think this is leading to a confusion of what acceptance actually means.

When I was 40, I was diagnosed as pre diabetic. I didn’t love who I was, and it wasn’t because I didn’t like the way I looked. I really didn’t like the way I looked on the outside, but by far the biggest problem was that I didn’t like the way I looked on the inside. I was so disconnected with who I was, because I didn’t know who I was. I ate and drank to fill a gaping hole that could never be filled by anyone or anything outside of me (I’m 50 in August this year).

If I had been told at 40 that I was perfect as I was, and to just find acceptance with my body, I would be diabetic now, very sick, and my life would in no way reflect what it looks like now. I wouldn’t have healed. I would have continued to betray myself. I would have been a very average mother, very average wife and my health and life coaching business would not exist. The internal suffering would have never ended.

I will forever be eternally grateful for being given a choice to heal. A choice I believe, we’re not giving people now but not giving them access to what is possible.

Telling people who are clearly metabolically unwell (metabolic syndrome looks like belly fat, high blood pressure, insulin resistant, brain fog, hangry, moody etc), that they are perfect as they are, in my opinion, is disempowering them at a chance to live a vibrant and thriving life.

This is NOT about how they look. It’s about how they feel on the inside.

And whether or not they will have the chance to live a long and healthy life without risk of loss of limbs, loss of eyesight, cancer, dementia, heart attack, stroke, or any of the other risk factors than come with metabolic syndrome.

What you eat, affects your health. There is no denying that. It also affects how you feel. Your mood, your energy levels. And this affects your relationships. With yourself and with others.

So, back to my concern. You are perfect as you are, but your physical or mental health may not be. But with the right food and lifestyle changes, it can be.

Has anyone ever told you that?

Nothing breaks my heart more than knowing so many of us will die slowly and in very painful ways because no one has ever said, “what do you eat?”

So, what do you eat? Did you know your health can improve dramatically by eating what humans are supposed to eat?

It’s NOT DIETING. It’s choosing. Choosing human foods (meat, fish, eggs.. aka real foods), and allowing your body to heal.

How your body ends up looking is probably not on you, but your health is. You can change it.

And when you do, more will change than you could ever possibly imagine.

This to me is the real benefits of loving who you are. Loving yourself enough to get metabolically well. For you, your family, your community.

“Heal. So you can live the life of your dreams… and others don’t have to heal because of you.”

I can so help you to find that inner peace you’re looking for. Please connect with me if you are struggling.

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Love Tracey xxx