My role is very unique, and has been formulated from my own healing journey, as well as working with many people over the years. Essentially I can help you to get to where you want to be, whether that’s with your health, healing, your work, or your passion. As a transformation coach, I’ve learnt that what gets in the way is usually our own set of limiting beliefs and views on what we can and can’t do. As a coach, I help to demystify all this for you, and help you create your own path. I don’t tell you what to do. I show you how it works, then together we work out what to do. I am all about service. My job is to serve you as best I can. My job is not to be your friend, I am sure you have many of those. A friend is very different to a coach. As your coach I will be honest, compassionate, non judgmental, curious, and I will show you your inbuilt strength and ability to live the life you want (and deserve) to live.

My role is a coach is best for you as part of a supportive team. I will always recommend you seek out a supportive GP to also help you on your journey. If your GP doesn’t understand the low carb lifestyle, I will arm you with a list of blood tests you can go and ask for. I do however recommend you seek out a GP who understands what might happen to your bloods as you heal yourself. If there are nutrient deficiencies, I will sometimes recommend you see a dietitian too. There is a great list here of supportive practitioners within the low carb space.

I always recommend you book in for a complimentary 30 min phone session prior to booking in for coaching. This will enable you to make sure I can give you what you’re looking for. You can book in for that here. I will be honest with you as to whether I can help you or not. If you decide to go ahead with coaching, you then can book in for a session using a payment and booking link that I will send you. Before our first session, I will email you an online Health Evaluation form for you to fill in so I can really get a sense of where you’ve been, and where you want to get to. All coaching sessions are then held over Zoom (or any other application that has a video availability). If you live in Melbourne and would prefer a face to face session, that can also be arranged (at extra charge). Just contact me on and we can talk that through.

No, I don’t write meal plans. Only a qualified dietitian or nutritionist can write you a meal plan. I do, however, provide you with a food guide that will help you make choices of what to eat that will manage your insulin more effectively. I of course guide you step by step through making any dietary changes, in conjunction with your GP if you are currently on medications. If you don’t understand why insulin is such an important hormone to keep working correctly for our health, please make a booking to chat to me for free today.

Yes I can. I myself was an emotional eater from about 15 until I was 43. That’s a long time that I thought I didn’t have a choice other than to eat my emotions when I didn’t like how I was feeling. Until someone showed me that it was all an innocent misunderstanding. What’s really important for you to see is that you’re not broken. You do not need fixing. Your brain is just doing what brains do. They’re very much like a computer in that they spit out what we put into it. Essentially when we habitually do a behaviour it comes from habitual thought. So understanding how these are created in the brain can take away a lot of the fear we have around them. Seeing beyond all of this is where freedom from the emotional eating habit lives. If you would like to read more about the potential that comes from seeing how your habit works so you don’t have to be tricked by it anymore, send me an email to and ask for a copy of my overcoming emotional eating document.

You won’t have to do anything you don’t want to! That’s the beauty of the work I do. I won’t tell you you have to do anything. Instead I will give you information on how we work within mind and body, and what generally helps us to feel our best. Then I will suggest what might work best for you given your health goals and your current state of metabolic health. But ultimately, it’s all up to you. What I will tell you is that it’s really helpful to not pay attention to any fearful thinking when you want to embark on something new. It’s normal to have it – your brain is wired that way. But it isn’t helpful when we want to make changes. So if you don’t want to do something, who is going to make you? But if you want to get somewhere new, you have to want to see something new. And I promise it’s no where near as scary as you think it might be.

Yes! I am a qualified personal trainer and trained many people over the span of 12 years. While I am no longer registered and do not write up exercise plans, I absolutely can help you make it work for you. Exercise is fantastic for overall health and wellbeing. Yet it’s not that helpful for weight loss. What you eat has the biggest impact on that. So getting the diet right first is often a good strategy, especially because if you are insulin resistant, you are likely to be lacking energy too. Once we get that fixed up, your energy levels improve, your inflammation goes down, and I can help you incorporate exercise in to your life.

No, absolutely you do not. The evidence behind red meat being unhealthy is very poor and not based on any real science. Meat is in fact very healthy and super nutritious. I have written about this extensively in my blog. Here are a few articles that might interest you.

I do not recommend vegan diets for health, and would encourage you to seek out a dietitian to make sure you supplement your deficiencies if you do not eat animal products.

I am passionate about spreading hope and showing people that if we are curious, we can always see something else we can try. I am also in the business of service. I am here to serve and spread my love through my passion of helping people heal. Healing helps humanity. When we are well, we will positively impact everyone around us. This is why I created the low carb hub. It started with the 3 day health summits in which I could provide a platform for practitioners to share their amazing work, knowledge and wisdom. It wasn’t about selling anyone anything, just providing a safe platform for information sharing. From there the podcast came about, as well as the community. The more I can do to help others, the more we all are helped. “All boats rise with the tide.”

To find out about the hub, click here. 

If I haven’t answered your question here, please email me and ask! I am very friendly (I promise), and I honestly just want to help you. You can email me here and I will get back to you asap.

Yes, absolutely! As long as I can see you, we can use Facetime, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp.

Yes, I can absolutely show you the science and evidence behind the benefits of a low carb diet for reversing and keeping those lifestyle conditions in check. However, what I can’t do, is do the changes for you. I can’t do your shopping, cook your food, make your choices. That is your job and you only. While I am here to support you and help you to do this, you have to be the one who does the work. I know how scary change can look. It can seem very overwhelming! But that is the benefit of hiring a coach, especially one like me who knows how it all works, and can take away a lot of the confusion and anxiety for you.

I absolutely can help you, in fact, you are the people I love to help the most. Firstly, you are not alone to have felt like you have failed at many diets. But it is NOT your fault. The advice of eat less and move more following a high carb, low fat and low protein approach has let YOU down. It sets up people to fail and it doesn’t work for our body, it works against it! It keeps you in a state of being hungry all the time, which is actually not what is needed for weight loss and health gain. When we understand how our metabolic hormones work to either store fat or use fat, we can tweak our diets to work with all of that, and open up all that stored fat to use as fuel. We lose weight, we don’t feel hungry, and we don’t have to diet again! Of course weight loss is the side effect of getting healthier. It happens without counting, restricting or being hungry. You don’t have to believe me! Let me help you do it and see for yourself.

No, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Intermittent fasting is a helpful tool in your toolbox if you are wanting to improve your metabolic health. But it’s not for everyone and it definitely isn’t what is needed when you first want to make lifestyle changes. Often when the body starts to heal and insulin becomes better regulated, many people find they are naturally not as hungry – because their body is starting to access all that stored energy! That is a good thing. We don’t have to fear it. Nothing works for us if we fear it. But fear often comes from a misunderstanding or thinking we have to do certain things. There are no such rules. My job as a coach is to ease that fear and get you there step by step.

No, low carb is not a fad. In fact the diet we have been told to eat – low fat, high carb – for the last 30 years is a fad, and it is why we are all getting fatter and sicker. Within my 30 day online program (The Complete Guide to Low Carb Living), I provide a lot of resources within Day 1 that covers why this is the optimal diet for humans. I have made this available for you within my free resources, which you can access here.

Yes, absolutely. In conjunction with your supportive GP, Nutritionist or Dietitian, I can definitely help you make the carnivore diet your lifestyle. I have written about the carnivore diet here in this article.

Yes… and no.  One thing I do often with my clients is to show them what motivation actually is, and direct them to an endless source of it. We often think we need to be motivated from outside sources, and when we don’t feel ‘motivated’, we don’t know what to do about it. Motivation in and of itself is only ever temporary. It waxes and wanes all the time – that is very normal and a part of the human experience. We don’t have to fear it! Often what looks like a ‘lack of motivation’ is more like a state of mind issue. We get in a low mood and we take it seriously. We think that we have to wait for some sort of magical feeling to move forward and do things. But we really don’t! We don’t have to wait for any feeling at all to do things. So in a sense, I show you something that is way more powerful than any external motivation can ever be.

No. I am not in the business of quick weight loss fixes. I am here to help you find a way to fix your health issues and learn to trust your body so that you never have to diet again. This process rarely happens overnight. It can take a while for you to find your groove, which is completely normal and ok! I can help you fix your health issues and the side effect of that will be weight loss. But I don’t promise any quick fixes. As I’m sure you have already seen, these rarely work in the longer term, and can indeed create more metabolic and psychological damage that we then have to heel from.

Yes, I can. I offer a 3-month health coach mentoring program. You can learn all about this here.