Back in June 2020 I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. Now in February 2021 my thyroid is considered to be rebalanced and working normally. I am due to get another blood test done in a month or so, so will see if my antibodies have also come down. Since sharing my diagnosis, I have been contacted a number of times by women wanting to learn more about what I am doing to try to heal my auto immune attack on my thyroid. As you can imagine I have learnt a lot during this time. And I love that I can share what I am learning, because not enough people share their healing stories.

So I’ve decided to put a blog post together so you can see who and what have been helping me with my journey. I will try to add to this from time to time, so if you or someone you know has Hashimotos, please share this with them. Of course this is what I am doing.. it is NOT the only way. But by far the best mindset to have when you have healing to do is to be curious. Especially if what you’re currently doing isn’t working for you.

Firstly to my journey. I recently talked about this and I shared what has changed in my thyroid panel, what I’m doing, what I’ve seen and more.

I have been working with Naturopathic Doctor, Michelle Dowker ( At the 2020 Low Carb Lifestyle Long Weekend, Michelle did a presentation on Autoimmune conditions. She has been kind enough to allow me to share this here.

Michelle and I also recorded a chat post Summit where we talked more in depth about autoimmune.

I have found this website super helpful to understand so much around the symptoms and more:

Dr Paul Mason has some excellent videos on understanding the problem with lectins and autoimmune conditions. I particularly love this one of his:

An important part of healing any auto immune condition comes in changing the relationship we have with stress & trauma. Michelle and I have worked though lots of this together, particularly with helping me with some issues around co-dependency. This basically means I have a whole lot of thinking about where my well being lives.

I used to think it came from what others thought about me, and that I was responsible for their emotions. But we are never responsible for the emotions or behaviours of others, we can only be responsible for our own. Codependency is very common and particularly common in families where there is addictions. My darling mum grew up with an alcoholic father, I grew up with a gambling addicted brother.

The beautiful thing is both Mum (who also has Hashis) and I have both started to see it’s ok to set boundaries, it’s ok to practice self care, it’s ok to be responsible for you… it’s not my job to make anyone else happy. That is fully an inside job. A book that I found super helpful here is Codependent No More by Melody Beattie.

You can absolutely change your relationship to stress and make it work for you, not against you. There are two amazing books you might like to read on this, one being The Upside of Stress by Health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal, and Ditch Your Midlife Stress from the Inside Out by Dawn Robinson. There is always so much more to see here, and we simply do not have to be a victim to stressful feelings as much as we think we might have to be. We can take back the power here! As it happens, I recently interviewed Dawn on my podcast.

Have you ever been told that going low carb can damage your thyroid? Below is a great discussion by Dr Ben Bikman on this subject.

I also talk from time to time about what’s going on with me on my social media (Instagram) & (Facebook), so follow along there. I also offer one on one coaching.

There is always hope!

Love Tracey xxx


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