Christmas is now over, and now is the time of year we invariable turn our minds to the new year. And wow, next year is not just a new year, but a new decade! This means that our new years resolutions have to be huge to match, right?

I want to show you something that is way better than setting new years resolutions. Because if you’re a human being, chances are that if you do set them on the 1st of January, by the 17th Jan they will have fallen by the wayside.

It used to baffle me why I just could never stick to making these changes that I made with all the best of intentions on the 1st January every year. Deep down I guess I just accepted the fact that I was lazy and not disciplined enough to really make the changes that I wanted to make. It had to be my fault, I just needed more willpower.

That was what I believed until around 2 years ago when I discovered that it wasn’t my fault things didn’t go as planned, just like it’s not your fault that your don’t stick either. It’s simply because we’ve been innocently taught to look in the wrong direction for change.

Why do we even set new years resolutions or goals?

Quite simply it’s because we think it will lead to a better life. If we can only get fit, lose weight, make more money, run every day, we will be happier. Buy that car, renovate the house, and life will be better, and a better life means more joy.

We think that who we are right now is somehow inadequate, and life just couldn’t be enjoyed until we address our insecurities, our past experiences, or our worries about the future.

Sounds so like the truth doesn’t it. And it was what I believed too… until I was shown that we just don’t work that way. Life can never be made happier by getting more things on the outside. Happiness is 100% an inside job, and is available to you right now. Not just on the 1st of January every year.

We all know people who seemingly have ‘everything’, yet are miserable. And we all know people who seemingly have very little of what we think brings happiness, yet are perfectly content in their lives.

So if it’s not more stuff or a new body that is going to bring more joy to our lives, what is it?

It’s realising that everything you are looking for is already inside of you. You are peace. You are resilience. You are love. You are joy.

Wellbeing is not the fruit of something you do; it’s the essence of who you are. There is nothing you need to change, do, be or have in order to be happy. Michael Neill.

So does that mean we sit around doing nothing in life? Absolutely not. When we see that we can live in life content in the every day moment, we will open our eyes to seeing so much more of what is already around us in our lives, and our natural creativity to live will become more obvious. We will do so much more because we’re not trying to get ‘somewhere’ before we can be happy. We will do what we’re designed to do. Create a loving life full of the every day moments in life that ARE LIFE.

So if you want to look at making some changes for 2020, why not see something new around all this. Where does change really come from, and how could you give yourself the best chance of making it happen?

The biggest gift I can give is to encourage you to open your mind to new possibilities

Who you are is not fixed. What you feel passing through you at any moment in time is impersonal thoughts that are not designed to stay a part of us. They feel a part of us simply because they have become habitual thought. They will flow on by if we don’t grab on to them and hold them as truth. Say for example your goal for 2020 is to become more confident. The question to ask yourself is why do you believe you are not confident now? What stories do you tell yourself that make you believe that who are you now is lacking in any way?  Once you can start to see that thinking as what it is – made up and impersonal thought that is not who you are – you will start to make room for new thinking. And that is when change starts to happen, and you start to wake up to all the possibilities that are right in front of you right now. My client Kelly shared recently her story on my podcast of how she came to see everything she thought was true about herself, simply wasn’t. You can listen to this chat on iTunes here.

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