How often do you think that change is all about will power? That we have to try super hard, be super committed, be super strict to ‘change’. And if we can’t do it then we just didn’t try hard enough. Or we’re simply weak or undisciplined.

This used to be how I thought it all worked, and it was the one trick I had in my coaching bag when I first started out as a coach.  The problem was that it didn’t work longer than our will could hold out, which isn’t long if you’re a human being. It certainly didn’t bring about any sustained or real change. We simply are not designed to feel ‘motivated’ all the time (motivation is a myth too!), so when motivation naturally wanes, so does our will to power on.

The good news is that there is something a lot more powerful we can rely on that requires no will power at all. It requires simply that you look in a different direction and see in a deeper way how we work as human beings. Seeing change as coming from this place – from within – through what is known as insight, changes e v e r y t h i n g.

With insight, change looks effortless. When we create space for fresh thought, we can start to break up those habitual thoughts that lead to habitual behaviours. With insight we can start to see that we actually have a choice as to whether we believe what we are thinking. And believe it or not, most of what we think is made up and not true and simply not worthy of our attention.

I love taking my clients on a journey that takes them back home to that place within where they are naturally resilient, complete, unbroken, confident, an can feel their innate well-being. When we start to view our life from this place, it all simply changes, without any real effort on our part. We also gain a whole lot of clarity around what decisions we want to make.

There is an endless amount to be seen when we look from this place. I know for me I will be uncovering new insights until I leave this earth! If you could like to learn more about how your life could change if you started to see more of life from this direction, feel free to reach out to me for some one on one coaching. I am also planning on putting together a video series on how we can completely change how we see cravings. Stay tuned for that one.