“I’ve been using Tracey’s Health Coaching services for the past year as a complement to the lifestyle advice I provide to patients in my practice. I have received nothing but positive feedback from patients about Tracey’s services. I have patients who have spent years on the diet rollercoaster finally make meaningful breakthroughs in their health as a result of the support that Tracey provides. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tracey for any patient who is motivated to make lifestyle changes but might have a history of negative thoughts patterns or repeated failed ‘diets’. You can contact Jackie to find out more about my coaching at Sante Medical.

Are you a practitioner providing dietary and lifestyle options to your clients or patients? 

For you…

If you’re looking to gain more knowledge on the principles behind the low carb lifestyle, I highly recommend the programs offered through the Nutrition Network. There is something for every practitioner. Click here to learn more.

For your patients…

I know how much you want your clients to succeed with lifestyle change, and sometimes they need more support than what you can provide. Patients who have a coach by their side are more likely to succeed in making the changes they need to make in order to turn their health around.

This is where I can help, freeing you up to do more of what you need to do, while watching your patients reverse their metabolic conditions.

My job as a Coach is to walk beside them while they make the changes they need to make for their health, and to help face their fears that they usually have around changing their diet. Changing our behaviour can be super daunting, especially when we’re competing with years of ingrained beliefs around dieting and nutrition that need to change. This doesn’t happen in a short consultation, and it also doesn’t happen over night.

To support you to help you patients or clients, I have lots of resources you can offer your patients.

  1. Access to my FREE resources section. Here your patient will find a video library with some of my best tips to help with lifestyle change. I also have a podcast and YouTube channel where I interview many doctors, nutritionist, dietitians and others on their stories of hope and change. 
  2. Along with my Facebook & Instagram page, I have a free Private Facebook group that may help support your client.
  3. I also have an online program, The Complete Guide to Low Carb Living which allows people to work through learning what they need to know at their own pace. As a practitioner, I offer this program to you for FREE (value $249AUD), and if you like it and would like to recommend it to your patients, I would be happy to organise a discount code for them to access 20% off the price. You can learn what’s in this program here. I can also customise this online program just for you to give your patients with just the information you want to give them.
  4. If you have some specific ideas of what support you would like your patients/clients to receive, I can also put together an exclusive lifestyle change program just for you to share with them. It can cover anything you like and be fully online for patients to explore. 
  5. I can set up specific coaching rates for your patients, or even come in to your clinic to offer face to face coaching (Melbourne only).

Please reach out at tracey@traceymcbeath.com.au or phone me on 0425 847 286 if you have some specific needs you would like to discuss, or to explore any of the above options!