I found Tracey’s services when I was struggling to restart my business due to not being in the right headspace. My thoughts were jumbled and lacked positivity which was holding me back. After just 2 sessions with Tracey, she enabled me to see through my blockages and to think in a more positive and productive way. Tracey is very well versed in the way our thoughts trick us and how to resolve the issues that hold us back. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tracey to help you to get your thought patterns back on track.


Working with you Tracey for the last month has pointed me back to the confidence I had forgotten I had. I have all that I need to know what to do when it comes to being healthy. This trust and confidence is so comforting. Thank you.


I have lost all anxiety about food and eating and there is no reactionary and binge like reaction. If I have a ‘treat’  – the next meal, I just make it a healthy one. This is not something I have done for a very long time. The effect on my life has been huge. I have so much more space in my head to deal with much more interesting issues rather than food!


Feeling a lot lighter these days, 8kg so far, and a fair few cm’s! Big thanks to you Tracey for your inspiration and guidance on my new ketogenic lifestyle.


I just wanted to say how immensely grateful I am to you for opening me up to understanding how we work. It’s blowing my mind that how nothing can change but yet everything can feel so different. I finally feel like I can be in the flow of life – moment to moment – and not heavy or ‘offline’ in thought. I’m not even ‘trying’ to be positive or anything. There is nothing forced or fake.


Tracey is a very sensible well researched and up to date coach. She has great advice and direction, and it always comes with a supportive smile.


Tracey brings incredible passion, enthusiasm and compassion to her coaching. She is generous and supportive at every step. Highly recommended.


Vanessa from Adelaide

Naomi from Melbourne

Katrina from Melbourne