It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of meat. Since my #hashimotos diagnosis in June last year, I’ve pretty much been eating just animal foods ever since. Now I’m about 90% carnivore, with the occasional bit of things here and there. I lost my bloated stomach, I now sleep soundly every night, and I’ve zero symptoms of hashimotos (next blood test to come in a few months). It also hasn’t all just been around the food. I’ve also been on a largely spiritual journey with Michelle Dowker from Wellbalance (, looking at things such as managing stress differently, understanding the impacts of co-dependency, and seeing at a much deeper level my own innate well-being.
What we eat isn’t everything, but it is an important part of the healing process.
Why would you want to consider eating only animal foods, at least for a short time? Well it seems to be super healing. It’s almost like a reset for the guts, and a chance for it to heal. But it butts up against the prevailing nutrition advice for healing which is to eat the rainbow through a whole heap of veggies.
Of course, if you go from eating the standard Australian diet, cut out gluten, wheat, sugar, dairy and eat the rainbow, you’re going to feel better. And for some, that may be what they need.
But if it’s not working for you – like I’m seeing a lot – then maybe it’s worth trying something new.
There’s a lot of great resources out there, I’ve got of few of my favourites below:
If you’re interested in trying carnivore, I am more than happy to help you do that in some one on one coaching.