Thank you to a couple of my friends Niall & Soyun for the inspiration behind this post.
As a health coach, my job is to help people successfully regain their health (and life) through a combination of eating low carb (to normalise insulin) and through real sustainable change that is based on creating space for insight. The magical formula of healing mind & body.
I actually won’t work with anyone who still wants the quick fix or short term diet plan.
However, even though many of my clients say they don’t want that anymore, they do have a whole lot of habitual thinking around how eating should be controlled, restricted and look a certain way, and they innocently are controlled by all those stories (until I show them the illusion that these are).
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight.
But the problem is that we as a society (and then individually), equate weight loss with health.
And they’re not necessarily the same thing.
I can help anyone lose weight. You can do it eating just potatoes (as has been shown). If you calorie restrict, you will lose weight. That is, until your metabolism and hormones are so stuffed that even doing that won’t work.
And… you are not gaining health doing food this way.
If you’re not eating a nutrient dense diet, your body will be getting what it needs from somewhere (breakdown of your own muscle and bones). That is, until it can’t do that anymore, and you get sarcopenia, osteoporosis and the like.
IF you come to the low carb/keto/carnivore prepared to do the work to make it a lifestyle, it will be the LAST DIET YOU WILL EVER DO.
How would that feel for you?
But… you have to be in for the long game!
Ignore your habitual mind that tells you you want it NOW. That is has to be fixed overnight. That you have to be perfect, that you have to get it right from the start. Tells you can you start Monday, to have once because you’ve been good all day, to eat the whole packet because you’ve had one, that you can’t change, that you are not disciplined, that you can’t do it.. blah blah blah balh!!! 
That is unhelpful crap and all it does is keep you doing the SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER and is simply NOT worthy of your attention, let alone doing as it commands.
Metabolic health is your birthright!!! Read that again.
Metabolic health is your birthright. 
And if we were living in an environment that actually promoted that instead of profits, it would be a lot easier.
But we don’t live in that environment.
And while people like the awesome Dr James Muecke are trying to change this, you are NOT powerless to be able to do this yourself.
You can get to a point where you are not influenced by the outside world, by what your family eat, but what your friends eat.
You can sit with joy in doing WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, and release everyone around you to do what works for them.
But you have to take responsibility for your own life to do this. And if you’re used to giving this away to others, this can feel mighty uncomfortable at first.
But with the right support, you can absolutely do this and free yourself from the toxic dieting cycle once and for all.
“We’ve been sold a story that it is romantic and valuable to be able to get someone to make a change for us, when the real victory is getting them to make a change for themselves.” Vienna Pharaon.
Change isn’t usually about doing the same things harder. It’s about doing a complete U turn and heading down a totally different path.