Tracey draws on the richness and empowering philosophies of the Stoics and the 3 Principles both in her life and in her coaching practice.

Meet Tracey McBeath – Mum, Wife, Coach, Mentor, Personal Trainer, Author, Speaker (TEDx), Podcaster, Friend.

Tracey – The Health & Healing Coach lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is a wife and a mum to 5 kids, aged from 22 to 9 years. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Teaching when she finished school, she ended up working in Human Resources until she had her first of 5 kids. Around the age of 30, she was ready for a career change and became a qualified Personal Trainer. At age 43, she moved into Health & Life Coaching. This is where her passion and purpose live. Helping people see they have the capacity within, to live the life they want to live.

While she has always been into health and fitness, by the time she hit 40, it was clear what she had been doing up to that point (following the high-carb, low-fat dietary guidelines) wasn’t working for her now. She was struggling to lose the 15kg she had gained after baby number 4, and after getting some blood work done, she was also getting close to becoming pre-diabetic and had fatty liver. She was also tired all the time, and at night, she couldn’t stop eating (or drinking).

Now at 50, she is the leanest, heathiest, and happiest she has ever been. This is largely because she’s seen what was innocently in her way, and is grateful to have the chance to show others what she has seen. She is passionate about sharing this hope with others.

Her study has been wide and varied and guided a lot by what her clients have needed. Tracey has studied nutrition through the Real Meal Revolution as well as the Nutrition Network (of which she is a proud Ambassador, a Master Coach, Teacher, and lecturer). Tracey co-created and teaches within their Coaching Certification Program, and was a lecturer in the Sports Nutrition Program and Nutritional Paradigms for Treating Chronic Disease. In both these programs, Tracey shares her lived experience. Tracey has also lectured within the HMA (Holistic Medicine for Addiction) with Bitten Jonsson.

Tracey is an insight-based coach. This means she shows her clients how to see what they can’t yet see. To understand where the human experience comes from, how we work, what runs our feelings, thoughts, and behaviours, and where to look if we want to change our choices. She never shares anything she hasn’t profoundly experienced or seen in her own life. She is so grateful to all the incredible clients she has who have been brave enough and trusted her enough to look in the direction Tracey points them in. When we teach, we learn.

As an insight-based coach, she teaches people how change happens from insight, and helps them tap back into their innate well-being. She has been influenced both personally and professionally through the life philosophies of the Stoics, and the 3 Principles. There is no difference in what guides Tracey, whether that is when she is at work, or when she is at play. Her inner compass comes from her deep connection with her heart-centered values.

Tracey turns 51 this year!

“For most of my life, until about 6 years ago, I was an emotional eater and drinker. I always ate or drank when I was stressed or sad, and this didn’t change for me when I discovered low carb. It felt like I was broken, that there was something wrong with me, and that I was the only person on the planet who couldn’t get it. I knew the science, I had the knowledge. Why couldn’t I not just eat or drink when I knew it was not good for my health? I didn’t feel in control… something else was doing the driving for me when it came to making some of my decisions.

What made the issue seem even more compelling was when I started coaching and I saw just how many people, especially women, had very similar issues to what I did. They too knew it wasn’t good for them to binge on certain foods and drink when they didn’t feel good, but they too also didn’t feel like they had any other option.

The urge was so strong when it happened, that simply using discipline or white-knuckling their way through it was virtually impossible. Just like it was for me. Now sometimes that did work, but usually, that was when I was feeling good and not under too much stress. Life is pretty easy for all of us when we feel good, isn’t it? But when we don’t feel good, we’re in a low mood, or under a whole lot of pressure, seeing any other choice during those times is virtually impossible. That is until we’re shown how it works.

For me, and now hundreds of the clients I’ve worked with, it came in the form of learning about insight-based change. This is very different from how I thought change worked.

Change that is created from within – from insight – happens when we know where to look for it. When we create space from our habitual thoughts and beliefs for new thinking. It is this new thinking that will take us new behaviours. Back home to who we truly are.” Tracey.

For most of us, change seems out of reach for us because we are innocently looking in the wrong direction for it. We’re looking outside of ourselves to change something that is fundamentally internally created. What we don’t see is that we have innocently created a whole lot of thinking that looks to us at that moment that we don’t have any choice as to whether we pay attention to it or not.

But that is a myth and a misunderstanding, and when I show you that, all your habits will start to fall away without much effort at all.

When someone showed me this, my 30-year emotional eating habit and a 10-year-long bottle of wine a night habit simply started to fall away. Does that mean I never experience urges to do my habit? Sometimes I do. But now I’m not so frightened of it, because I know where it’s coming from. I know that I can sit through it, and it will pass.

Seeing this has not only changed my own life but the lives of many of my clients who thought they would never be free of their habits.

What is important for you to understand right now is that you are not broken, and it’s not your fault. You just haven’t been shown the truth of how change works.

Let me show you where to look to find real, lasting change.

  • TEDx Katoomba Speaker, 2023
  • Bachelor of Arts – Teaching (Macquarie University);
  • Nutrition Network Advisor (Nutrition Network);
  • Ketogenic Diets for Mental Health Clinicians Training  (Dr Georgia Ede);
  • Coaching Mastery 2.0 (Michael Neill);
  • Life Coaching Certification Course (Kain Ramsey);
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) Training;
  • Polyvagal Theory Can Revolutionize Your Work with Trauma Survivors Program (NICABM);
  • Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment (Nutrition Network);
  • Diabetes Reversal Course (Nutrition Network)
  • Certified Banting (LCHF) Food Coach (Real Meal Revolution);
  • Deep Impact 3 Principles Practitioner Training with Fiona Lukeis & Barbara Patterson
  • Coaching from the Inside Out (Michael Neill);
  • Exploring the Mind, Brain, Body, Behaviour Connection: Understanding Universal Principles Changes Everything (Dr. Bill Pettit)
  • Foundations of Human Resources (AHRI);
  • Certificate III in Fitness (Fitnation);
  • Certificate IV in Fitness (Fitnation);
  • Certificate in Understanding Hormones (IDEA);
  • Certificate in Pregnancy & Exercise Guidelines;
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor;
  • Floor Pilates Instructor;
  • Kettlebell Instructor;
  • Martial Arts experienced